In the 19th century man invented the bicycle, which changed the movement habits of humans forever. TANDEM is not a bike, however the simplicity and functionality of it will open up new experiences in your everyday habits.

A sink and urinal are combined into a single product, creating a multifunctional plumbing device. While you are washing your hands, the water is reused to rinse the urinal placed under the sink. This saves water, time and space.

The standard TANDEM is equipped with a drain, trap and wall mounts. Stone mass technology results in a high surface quality.

To maximize the effectiveness of water conservation and hygiene, the product should be equipped with an infrared sensor faucet.

Designed by Kaspars Jursons
Patent pending

A day is replaced by night.
It’s as simple as that.
We face countless simple processes every day. They create regularity of our lives and make it more interesting.
STAND creates products that complement our daily lives. They won't last forever. They won't save the world. But they will make your life much easier.

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